Chorokhi-Adjaristskali Basin


Chorokhi-Adjaristskali Basin

The Chorokhi-Adjaristskali pilot basin is located in the Adzhar Autonomous Republic and covers significant part of its territory. This historic region of Georgia lies in the south-western part of the country on the Black Sea coast. The largest city and the capital is Batumi. The Guria Region borders on the basin from the north, the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region from the east, the Kachkar Belt from the south, and Arsiani Range from the west.
The major part of the pilot basin is covered with mountains and deep gorges, while the coastline consists of Kobuleti and Kakhaberi valleys. The Adzhar region is surrounded by Meskheti, Shavsheti and Arsiani Gorges. In the coastline valleys there is humid subtropical climate with cold winters and hot summers. In the mountainous areas the air is humid; winters are moderately cold, and summers are short and warm. Adzharia is distinguished for its conveniently warm climate; its territory is varied, with mountainous areas, valleys and gorges; it has rich fauna and ancient historic and architectural heritage.

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