Pilot projects

Akhuryan Basin (Akhuryan and Metsamor)

Pilot project 1 in Armenia (PPAM01)

Construction of new hydrogeological observation well in Aknashen village of Ararat Valley of Armenia and installation of telemetric station and automated equipment

Pilot project 2 in Armenia (PPAM02)

Improvement of water resources management and ensuring efficient water use through development of a system for an automated, centralized, on-line control of actual water use in Metsamor (Sevjur) River basin of Akhuryan BMA of Armenia

Pilot project 3 in Armenia (PPAM03)

Refurbishment of 10 (ten) groundwater monitoring springs in Akhuryan sub-basin of Akhuryan RBD of Armenia

Pilot project 4 in Armenia (PPAM04)

Rehabilitation of Akhuryan-Akhurik transboundary hydrological observation post in Akhuryan RBD of Armenia, and installation of modern gauging equipment

Pilot project 5 in Armenia (PPAM05)

Additional support to formal adoption of the RBMP for Akhuryan RBD of Armenia, including environmental impact assessment and expert examination