Pilot projects

The Central Kura Basin (Ganjachay, Shamkirchai, Tovuzchay, Agstafachay)

Pilot project 1 in Azerbaijan (PPAZ01)

Assistance in preparation of secondary legislation in Azerbaijan in support of implementation Azerbaijan Water Code and approximation to the EU Water Framework Directive and Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive

Pilot project 2 in Azerbaijan (PPAZ02)

Water resource use studies in selected transboundary tributaries (Zayamchay and Goshgarchay) in the pilot basin combing IWRM and WFD objectives through establishment of environmental flows and EQOs

Pilot project 3 in Azerbaijan (PPAZ03)

Implementation of EU Flood Directive in Zayamchay River sub-basin (Central Kura Basin District) on the territory of Azerbaijan

Pilot project 4 in Azerbaijan (PPAZ04)

Refurbishment of Gazakh Regional Laboratory of MENR of Azerbaijan Republic

Pilot project 5 in Azerbaijan (PPAZ05)

Refurbishment of Groundwater Monitoring Network in Central Kura pilot Basin District of Azerbaijan

Pilot project 6 in Azerbaijan (PPAZ06)

Development and finalisation of National Water Strategy of the Republic of Azerbaijan