Pilot projects

Upper Dnieper River Basin, Prut Basin

Pilot project 1 in Ukraine (PPUA01)

Preparation and development of the draft of new legislative act, based on the IWRM principles and in accordance with the requirements of the WFD

Pilot project 2 in Ukraine (PPUA02)

The creation of basin institutional structures as a platform for implementation IWRM principles to ensure the sustainability of the EPIRB project results in Upper Prut pilot river basin, including implementation of the River Prut RBMP

Pilot project 3 in Ukraine (PPUA03)

Investigation of illegal discharges of waste water in Carpathian National Nature Park as a major pressure on the ecological status of the Upper Prut pilot river basin in the territory of Ukraine.

Pilot project 4 in Ukraine (PPUA04)

Field survey of municipal waste water treatment discharges in Carpathian National Nature Park in the Upper Prut basin and design of monitoring programmes for the national park in accordance with the Water Framework Directive

Pilot project 5 in Ukraine (PPUA05)

Water Body Identification in the selected river basin of Upper Dnieper (incl. purchase and installation of ArcGIS software products)